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Super Sorbent Fiber Booms

Oil Eraser can be used in oil spill cleanup situations and for ongoing oil/water separation needs in small or large bodies of water. Because Oil Eraser is hydrophobic, Oil Eraser booms are capable of absorbing 4 times more than conventional cleanup booms. Oil Eraser can absorb the sheen typically left behind by other materials.


Oil Eraser materials are approved by the EPA as an oil absorbent. 


2ft Fiber Bilge Sock Boom Capacity: 7 gallons per boom.

5ft Fiber Sock Boom   Capacity: 15 gallons per boom.

10ft Fiber Sock Boom Capacity:  30 gallons per boom.


* Self-cleaning with suspended bacteria pellet for additional cost.

Super Sorbent Fiber Booms

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